Getting ready to start planning your 2019 events?

Getting ready to start planning your 2019 events?

As a professional event organiser, it is important to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry and it is the time of year to make myself familiar with the industry trends. So I would like to share some of these with you to help you plan your corporate events for 2019.

Wellbeing & social interaction

Industry professionals predict that events this year will incorporate wellbeing, emotions and memories more and more into the agenda. This would be done through topics, speakers, live event, back to nature experiences or allowing delegates more time to think, reflect and relax. This means ditching lengthy sessions, switching off devices and increasing social interaction among delegates.


As clients focus more on sustainability in their business strategy, events will become more sustainable and focused on bringing people together for a purpose. Planning stages will require more thought to deliver a meaningful message and make a social or environment statement. Event professionals and venues will work more closely on reducing carbon footprint, offset event pollution and consider their facilities to best serve the client’s CSR objectives.


Venues will automate different pricing offers according to availability improving transparency, making events more affordable and resulting in more events happening. Corporate planners will also seek venues with a story adding that wow factor into their events and virtual 3D walk-through venue presentations will help them making decisions.


Technology is already a key factor in the world of events, it connects people and provide experiences on a personal and professional level. And it is only going to increase with live data informing real life elements such as attendee tracking systems to avoid queues at popular locations. Venues continue to invest in screen-sharing and video conference technologies. High quality internet will be the most important element for the success of events. Remote participation will increase, a benefit to professionals but also to the environment.