"You can yet put it right"

"You can yet put it right"

"You can yet put it right"

David Attenborough said that humans have “overrun the planet” and we now talk about a climate crisis so there is an urgency for all stakeholders to address sustainability very seriously. In the events industry, event sustainability is one of the fastest-growing trends, and for good reason.

As an event professional, you have a vital role to play in addressing some of the sustainability challenges we face as a planet. It may be something that some of your customers are already expecting. And it may not be long before delivering a fully certified sustainable event is a minimum requirement.

But when you already have a million things to manage, it can be hard to know where to even start.

Here’s how:

Analyse areas like travel, waste, food and beverage, energy, printed materials, venue

Identify your biggest area of concern

Integrate into culture

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Work with an independent professional company

Share your efforts with partners

Phase in your initiatives

Educate staff and attendees

Market your success

There is a huge opportunity for the events industry to embed and showcase sustainability so start now, and meeting the sustainability challenges is a win-win for people, businesses and the planet.