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Making a start

Making a start

Pre-Covid-19, online events offered a satisfactory alternative to in-person conferences, shows and meetings. But the pandemic made virtual platforms the only option to engage safely, and without restrictions, with local, national and global audiences.

Let’s make a start together

Unlimited reach

Unlimited reach

Unlimited reach

Making a start

Virtual conferences, webinars and hybrid events offer tangible business benefits as they:

  • Increase your reach.
  • Use fewer resources and so are more sustainable and cost-effective, which translates into better ROI.
  • Are more measurable in that leads, traffic patterns, engagement and attendees can all be monitored and evaluated.
  • Broaden creativity and versatility using such innovations as augmented reality and multilingual options.
  • Are accessible from multiple devices anywhere in the world without travelling by plane, train or car.
  • Save travel time for both attendees and staff.

We offer a number of services to help you maximise delegate engagement.

Minimise your impact, avoid this

Helping you deliver positive impacts from your events

Employees and customers want to be associated with brands demonstrating a responsible business approach and company culture. Events are a great platform to express corporate responsibility as they can influence and socially impact a venue destination and its local communities.  In-person events specifically need to be run in a responsible way.


We help you understand the impact of your events by reviewing your existing event management practices

We help you develop an event sustainability strategy

We implement effective sustainability initiatives that will enhance the event experience for your attendees


The benefits of sustainable events include:


  • Financial advantages: conserving energy, reducing waste, purchasing local products and consuming less.
  • Positive reputation and improved image
  • Social benefits: creating jobs, encouraging local investment, involving regional SMEs, better working conditions and social inclusion.
  • Triggering innovation: development of innovative technologies and techniques
  • Raising awareness and inspiring change

Minimise your impact, avoid this

Virtual, in-person and hybrid event planning,
management and evaluation

Strategic event sustainability advice

Event services to
suit your needs

Sustainable one-hour webinar

From £499

  • Planning (agree objectives, topics, format, technology etc.)
  • Design content
  • Source and manage speakers
  • Marketing support
    (additional service)
  • Webinar analytics and evaluation

‘Top-Notch’ sustainable virtual event

From £899

  • Planning (agree objectives, topics, format, technology etc.)
  • Design content
  • Source and manage speakers 
  • Marketing support
    (additional service)
  • Broadcast production
    (additional service)
  • Post virtual event analytics
    and evaluation

Blend of sustainable in-person and virtual

Price on application

  • Planning (agree objectives, topics, format, technology etc.)
  • Design content
  • Source and manage speakers, sustainable venues and suppliers
  • Marketing support
    (additional service)
  • Sustainable delegate management, travel and logistics
  • Broadcast production
    (additional service)
  • Onsite project management
  • Post event analytics
    and evaluation

Crème de la crème event: sustainable in-person event

Price on application 

  •  Event sustainability consultancy:
  • Past event performance audit and analysis
  • Benchmarking against good practices
  • Sustainable event strategy 


  • Sustainable planning and event management
  • Design content
  • Source sustainable venues and suppliers, source speakers
  • Sustainable delegate management travel and logistics
  • Onsite project management
  • Post event analytics and evaluation
  • Marketing support and broadcast production
    (additional services)

We all want a better, brighter and more vibrant future, don’t we?

Our passion

At Responsible Events, we are passionate about helping organisations engage with their customers, suppliers or employees through learning and making connections.

Why use us?

The speed at which the world went into coronavirus lockdown forced many people into quickly familiarising themselves with video conferencing platforms. But managing virtual events, as many discovered, requires a different set of skills, not least of which are dealing with the technology itself, managing speakers, timekeeping, look and feel, and data analysis.

We can provide the necessary skills and experience to deliver not just online events but also in-person events, or a blend of the two.

We can also help you develop a long term and sustainable events strategy, which considers exploiting available technology, minimising environment impacts, maximising resources and realising cost savings.

We have worked with government organisations and SMEs across many sectors including financial and professional services, health and well-being, charities, business travel, education and logistics.

If you want to deliver an event of any kind that delivers measurable value to its attendees then contact us.

We all want a better, brighter and more vibrant future, don’t we?

What our clients say

“Emmanuelle worked with us on a project to develop a sustainability strategy for a leading event management company. Her insight and knowledge of the event management sector, its challenges and opportunities, impacts and responsibilities was very valuable. Emmanuelle assessed the client’s readiness and opportunities to drive sustainable events as a market position, and her strategic insight combined with practical know-how of implementation significantly contributed to the development of a sustainable business strategy.”

Nadine Exter, Associate Director, Brite Green

“I found Emmanuelle’s inputs very thorough and extremely professional. She gave consideration to all aspects of the event conception, planning, design and messaging in a creative and cohesive way. This included liaising with high-ranking experts like key speakers, and copywriting key messages for the target audience through well selected promotional channels.

“This holistic approach to the event management yielded the outcomes we desired: a very well attended event comprising an audience of engaged professionals and interested individuals who went away knowing much more than they did when they arrived. Many wanted to know how they could get more closely engaged with Cranfield University in the field of ‘future transport innovation’, which was the core topic of the event.”

Ian Chapman, Head of Regional Engagement and Corporate Projects, Cranfield University

“Having discovered that Milton Keynes is the main UK centre for driverless vehicle technology, with both Transport Systems Catapult and Cranfield University, being major players, I was eager to know more. Emmanuelle took this on and organised a brilliant event with speakers who covered the whole spectrum of current activity and future possibilities to change the way we travel. Emmanuelle overcame a lot of the challenges to bring this excellent event together and the whole audience was very appreciative””

Sarah Tibble, Quantiv

“Habitat for Humanity Great Britain worked with Emmanuelle to plan an important event supporting our work in the Middle East. As it was hosted at one of the royal palaces, and many of the guests were key donors of the charity, we needed to work with an event organiser who could quickly understand the needs of the charity, and ensure that all the important details were covered. I’m glad to say that Emmanuelle provided excellent support and service throughout, and the feedback we received from our guests after the event was very positive.”

Tum Kazunga, CEO Habitat for Humanity

“Emmanuelle was a great asset to me and my team throughout the whole event management process, from concept right through to ‘the big day. Emmanuelle brought a lot of experience to the team and I found her to be diligent, enthusiastic and totally reliable. With her input, we were able to run a number of successful international trips and local UK-based events which were unique, aligned with our brand and from which we received positive feedback from supporters.”

Mary Smith, Head of Specialist Giving, World Vision

“Emmanuelle is so personable, willing and hard-working. She works with passion and drive and is a great asset to any organisation”

Ruby Sweeney, Director, The Events Hub

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