Time to think virtual events

The coronavirus has erupted and conferences, trade exhibitions, festivals and sporting events have been cancelled to contain the global outbreak. “This disease is presenting the exhibitions and events industry with an unprecedented global challenge”.

We may take comfort from a record of recovering from such scares. However this may be a good catalyst for businesses to rethink and to be doing something about climate change. Some are doing just that: Georgio Armani live streamed his Milan fashion show from an empty space in the city and car makers streamed virtual product launches from Geneva.

In the age of Skype and videoconferencing, we question whether large-scale events need to be attended. These days, we can easily access a live event via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Facebook users comment 10 times more on live videos than regular videos and good quality stream is favoured over blogs or social media posts. Furthermore, we can be transported among hundred of exhibitors at shows with augmented reality and virtual reality.

Virtual events help track leads, event attendance, visitor traffic patterns and engagement levels and provide statistics that can be translated into ROI. This information will enable companies to adapt or improve future events to suit the needs of their audience. Moreover, virtual events use fewer resources, contribute to reducing costs and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

With the continued growth of virtual events, there are exciting opportunities for companies who need to deliver top-notch virtual event experiences that deliver value to attendees.

  • This means:
  • Working with an independent professional event company
  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Speaking to live video agencies
  • Choosing the right platform
  • Wifi is crucial
  • Making the event interactive
  • Integrating event design into the programme
  • Choosing the right broadcasting environment
  • Choosing the right time
  • Briefing and supporting speakers
  • Offering live help support
  • Making sure content is available post event